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Wholegrain rye and wheat have beneficial effects on the gut without altering fecal microbiota

Gut biota

In a randomized clinical trial, 70 healthy adults consumed wholegrain rye, wholegrain wheat or refined wheat during six weeks. The wholegrain intake was above 100 grams in the wholegrain diets and five grams in the refined diet. Both wholegrain diets had favourable effects on bloating, stool frequency and fecal butyrate content compared with the refined grain diet. Butyrate have beneficial effects on colon cell growth, which have been linked to a decreased risk of colorectal cancer and inflammatory bowel disease.

Although differences in wholegrain content did not alter the fecal microbiota or intestinal permeability, the study confirms that wholegrain foods may maintain or improve some subjective and functional markers of gut health compared with refined grain foods.

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